A mountain range, representing the spurs of the Main Caucasian ridge washed on the North-West, by the West waters of the Black sea, from the South is isolated from the land by the Tsemesskaya Bay, in the special scientific literature is referred to as the Abrau Peninsula. In ancient times before the seismic catastrophe its sizes, according to geologists, had been much greater.
How they called this area in ancient times we probably will never know, so it is conditionally named us Abrau Antiqua as “an Ancient country Abrau”. Available evidence suggests that the people appear in the region about seven thousand years ago — in the era of early metal (bronze epoque). Recreating epoque centuries-old history of this region — the task is not by far simple, because the necessary data (facts) usually are either absent (lost), or hidden from us by the dust of centuries. The task to discover them requires the efforts of a large team of researchers (historians and archaeologists, anthropologists and arheozoologs, palinologs and archaeobotanics, the soil and metal experts).
The purpose of our site is not only to present scientific achievements, but also to recreate with the help of modern information technologies, relying on a wide range of sources the, elements of irretrievably lost natural and man-made landscapes, the appearance of its inhabitants, the farming systems of the ancient population.
Fixation instruments reconstructions and representations of appearance of the lost cultural heritage began a program of three-dimensional modeling, interactive reality (3D Engine), photogrammetry, virtual panoramas, flash technology, etc. including traditional research methods in the Toolkit of authors’ project.
The material is united on the site in thematic blocks.
This site is dedicated to not only the history of the region, but also to the history of its research and its researchers, so the site has a page “Archives”.