Why do we study the ancient Technologies of metal Processing?


Firstly, knowing the composition of metals and methods with which the objects had been made, we can reveal typical old masters technological traditions and their change on due time. It helps us understand what row material had been used to manufacture bronze objects we are interested in the area ‒ local or imported.
In addition, particular manufacturing technologies of the objects can indicate what areas they had been received from, and on this basis we can identify the direction of the contacts of the ancient population in different historical periods.
Secondly, studying ancient metal products a specific area related to different historical periods, we can see a processing technical progress in the field of metal in the area was and whether it is consistent with the general laws of the accumulation of our knowledge about them, that had been previously found for certain periods of history. We can, in particular, follow what the composition of the first metals found in the North-West Caucasus, was how developed new technologies of metal in relation to different categories of items,were etc. These data are important for the history of metallurgi on the whole and for the North Caucasus in particular.
The microstructure was examined by metallography using special metallographic microscope with a magnification of 100 to 1000 times. (Irina G. Ravitch)